Explore our Operations Review services.

General Operations Review

In some instances, an audit of the facility is required to analyze management practices that may need to be altered or eliminated altogether. Quite often, a parking operations and design expert can offer a review of the facility to understand the efficiency of the operation. An analysis of daily revenue reports, along with on-site visits, will allow for the collection of information. Parking Design Group will suggest constructive modifications and improvements, as well as recommendations on how to implement them. Parking Design Group is experienced in implementing these types of reviews, as well as developing RFP’s for facility operators.

  • Operational Remodel
    Parking Design Group assists in many areas of operational upgrades from writing request for proposals (RFP’s) for parking operations and parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS), to developing specifications for new PARCS installations and RFP’s for operators. Even a cursory-level garage audit can often result in opportunities for positive changes.
  • Premises Liability Review
    In the United States, accidentally out-of-control vehicles exiting from parking spaces, or traveling through parking areas, cause one individual to lose his or her life every 19 hours. Most commonly, out-of-control vehicles strike convenience stores, restaurants, pedestrian paths, seating areas and elevators in garages. This is often the result of lack of planning and/or thoughtful allocation of resources. Today, it is imperative that asset owners are up-to-date on what is involved in designing and maintaining sustainable parking facilities from a premises liability perspective. It is in their best interest in improving overall user safety while avoiding lawsuits and claims. Safety is the new “green” and it is obvious there is nothing sustainable about a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against a parking asset owner. Parking Design Group has extensive experience in this area and therefore can help asset owners substantially reduce liability and possible litigation.