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The Importance of Early Consultation in the Design Process

For approximately the same cost as the construction of one parking space today, owners and developers can realize significant cost savings by seeking the guidance of skilled parking design consultants such as Parking Design Group. This cost savings is realized even more when Parking Design Group is involved early in the entire conceptual and schematic design planning phases.

In a recent design for a college, Parking Design Group was able to save close to $3M by redesigning their surface parking lots to add spaces, thereby eliminating the need to build additional spaces in a more costly parking structure. Parking Design Group assisted the college in designing bridging documents for the structure using sustainable design practices, therefore yielding a more affordable cost per space for structured parking.

  • Hold Down Cost and Increase Value with a Qualified and Experienced Parking Expert
    The average cost of one above-ground parking space can range from $16,000 to $25,000. In today’s market, the average construction cost of one underground parking space can range from $30,000 to $50,000.  These costs are directly related to design efficiency, construction methods, labor costs and geographical area, among many other factors.
  • Form and Function
    It is the goal of Parking Design Group to significantly reduce construction and ongoing maintenance costs, improve user convenience and safety and ensure that individual components and design features are in keeping with the overall design intent.
  • Sustainable Design
    Parking Design Group will maximize land-use through site-specific, state-of-the-art applications of parking design principles. In the past, “search pattern” often set the stage for how a facility would be configured. Today, signage guidance systems and space availability information, in the structure and on the nearby streets, have significantly changed the design process. As old buildings are demolished and the design and construction of a new facility becomes necessary, inadequate planning could potentially result in a poor allocation of resources, not to mention additional costs to the community, for example, air quality, traffic congestion, over construction, etc.
  • Facility Remodels
    In many instances, Parking Design Group can achieve 10% to 15% increases in parking efficiency while also improving function and flow. These can range from simple, inexpensive paint-on-pavement modifications to improved turnover of available parking spaces, to more substantial structural improvements. Parking Design Group has a history of developing state-of-the-art systems, using a modern design approach, and of working with architects and vendors to positively transform any facility. In addition, Parking Design Group has expertise at performing facility lighting reviews and photometric studies.